Go Golden 500 GB 3M

434.78 SAR

How to use it

GO is the key Brand of Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company, the leading Cloud Telecommunications Operator in the Middle East. With more than 200 thousand customers, GO covers voice services and broadband internet services in 12 cities in Saudi Arabia. Partnering with Batelco, a key regional Telecom Operator and major shareholder, has added to Atheeb’s strength in terms of seconded resource and industry knowledge.
How to redeem Go Golden Cards:

1- Enter the link: https://www.go.com.sa/atheebweb/renewalWithoutLogin.action?lang=en#1656923977192
2- Enter the serial number.
3- Enter the registered mobile number or ID number.
4- Enter the card code that you got.
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