charge careem 50 sar to chance in getting careem 500 sar extra credit

50 SAR

How to use it

You don't want to be late?
You got tired of taxies problems?
Well, you don't have to worry anymore with Careem gift cards.
charge careem 50 sar to chance in getting careem 500 sar extra credit enable you to have a monthly subscriptions within multiple packages and offers, at differentiated prices to suit everyone's needs so you can deliver and move around comfortably.
And you won't need to pay cash anymore.
You want your family to move and travel safely and in no time?
then get careem gift cards, charge your account and say goodbye to mobility and delivery problems.
How to redeem Careem for passenger card:

1 - Open the cream app.
2 - Go to the wallet.
3 - Click on Add Credit.
4 - Enter the card code that you got from Like Card and click Next.
5- Enjoy careem services.

1- This card is for the passenger only.
2- This product is for Saudi Store.
3- The recharge voucher cannot be used as a payment method and must be charged on the Careem application so that it is reflected in the wallet in the form of credit.
4- The added balance will be valid for 120 days from the date of shipping the voucher to the Careem wallet.
5- Expired shipping vouchers are not extendable or refundable.
6- The credit will reflect in your Wallet immediately.

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