Zain Internet 75GB + 75 YT 2Month

228.85 SAR

How to use it

In order to enjoy an unlimited internet subscription, we offer you Zain Internet 75GB + 75 YT 2Month Saudi prepaid cards to enjoy the best offers.
Cards with various offers, and many packages of different prices to suit all people and roles.
- Ease and security of payment, and speed of shipment.
- Immediate and instant delivery
- Easy shipping and handling
Various packages at competitive prices
Premium Zain internet services
With Zain Internet offers, for permanent connection and continuous update.
How to redeem Zain Recharge card?

You can recharge Zain Card through two methods
1- Call 1717, and follow vocal instructions
2- Dial* 141 * → enter your recharge voucher number → press # then Call

1- This product is for Zain Saudi SIM cards.
2- This card is for internet SIMs only, and if it is loaded in a SIM card, the value will not be converted into data, but will become credit.

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