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Steve Madden has revolutionized the footwear industry, incorporating years of experience into unique and innovative designs inspired by rock and roll and its founder's New York roots. Providing women and men with an outlet to express their unique personalities, the brand is innovative, bold and inspiring. Steve's innate understanding of trends and willpower has resulted in an impressive presence with millions of clients around the world, propelling his designs to the forefront of fashion. Steve has expanded his brand into a true style and destination for shoes, handbags and accessories sold in more than 80 countries around the world. This brand is based on originality and a celebration of exclusivity. It mirrors Steve Madden. 
How to redeem Steve Madden cards:

1- You can redeem Steve Madden vouchers on the Participating Brands : Centrepoint , Babyshop , Splash , Shoemart , Lifestyle , Max , Home center , Home Box , Shoe Express , Ecco , Steve Madden , Zafran , Nando's, visit to check the updated list of participating brands and store locations.
2- Open one of the preferred brands applications from the updated list in the link mentioned above.
3- Chose the items you want to purchase.
4- When you check out and before completing the purchase order, enter the coupon numbers and the PIN number that you purchased from LikeCard.
1- The Shukran electronic gift card is valid for 365 days from the date of issuance.
2- The Shukran e-gift card cannot be exchanged for cash, whether in whole or in part.
3- Only 5 gift cards can be redeemed for one bill.
4- The Shukran electronic gift card is partially replaceable, so that it can be used several times when shopping at all participating Landmark Arabia stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Balance inquiries and partial refunds are not within the scope of Like4Card.
5- If the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the e-gift card, the one who replaces the e-gift card must pay the differential value.
6- No replacement or compensation for lost electronic gift cards may or may not be paid.
7- An electronic gift card that is mutilated or altered in any way will not be accepted.
8- The electronic gift card that has been issued cannot be returned or refunded for the amount paid for its purchase.
9- What was purchased through the electronic gift card can be refunded according to the refund and exchange policy of each store.
10- The Shukran e-gift card is subject to the terms and conditions of the Shukran gift card in effect from time to time.
11- To inquire about partial refunds, balance, expiry date, store location and detailed terms and conditions, please visit or call 8001246622 (call is free).
12- does not accept cash refunds, refunds or merchandise returns.
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