Splash - 500 SAR

500 SAR

How to use it

Are you looking for the latest trends in clothing and accessories to gift the trendy fashionista? Splash E-Gift Card is the right choice, especially since it is approved by Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan! Splash offers trendy fashion and accessories for men, women and youth. It's the perfect e-gift card for your stylish loved one! Headquartered in Dubai, Splash is the largest fashion retailer in the Middle East and part of the Landmark Group, one of the largest retailers in the Middle East, India and Africa. Focusing on the latest global trends, Splash connects a collection that represents distinctive style. Annual events and Splash fashion shows are the most popular of both the annual and semi-annual events in the brand's portfolio of events.
How to redeem Splash cards:

This gift card is valid for redemption only in Splash stores and all Landmark stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1- “Splash” reserves the right to change any/all terms and conditions of this e-Gift Card at any time without prior notice. Any dispute shall be referred to the Arabian Landmark Company Splash Division (the Company) and the decision of the Company shall be final.
2- To inquire about the balance and expiration, the customer can call the local call center or he can come to the store on the information either from a payment point or from customer service.
3- This gift card is valid for one year (12 months) from the date of issuance or the last shipment of the card.
4- The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or in part.
5- This card can be used in whole or in part.
6- If the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the gift card, the remainder must be paid in cash or by credit card by the card holder.
7- It is not permissible to replace/compensate/pay a financial consideration when the electronic gift card is lost.
8- Damaged or mutilated e-Gift Card will not be accepted.
9- All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the judiciary, and the losing party shall bear all costs and expenses incurred by the other party. In this case, the sold gift card cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.
10- Products purchased online using a gift card are returnable to the "My Balance" of the registered user's account and as a return voucher for non-registered users.
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