400 SAR - SHEIN شي إن

380 SAR

Reward points: +200 points

How to use it

In the old days, man had to travel long distances and made a great effort to shop.
Now days shopping is easy and just a click away.
With SheIn 400 SAR - SHEIN شي إن gift cards we bring the market to you.
If you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend or want to reward yourself, nothing is better than shopping with shein gift cards.
With many advantages, including full freedom to buy various products and different brands.
In addition to determining the value and the amount of the card. -
you pay completely within secure and safe ways. -
Premium purchase services with instant delivery. -
Freedom to choose different products and long-lasting validity. -
And it comes with different offers and packages to suit everyone's needs. -
With shein gift cards, shopping is easier than you expect
How to redeem SHEIN Recharge card?

1- Download the SHEIN app and log in.
2- Choose the product and then complete the ordering process.
3- Add your address details.
4- Go to the payment page and choose to pay with a gift card.
5- Add the card number and PIN code and click Apply.
1- This card is valid for use in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2- One applicable gift card per order.
3- That is, multiple gift cards cannot be used in one order, but one gift card can be used for multiple orders if there is a balance.
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