PlayStation Network Gift Card 100 USD - PSN BH

375 SAR

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How to use it

Do you want to enjoy the most additions, and the latest games on your PlayStation?
Do you love games, challenge and adventurous spirit?
Do you want to enjoy the latest additions and be among the first in all the games and the latest on the PlayStation?
Of course you want to, because you are a gamer, you are not just a gaming enthusiast, you love PlayStation games so you have to be distinguished from the rest.
And because we think of you, today we provide you with PlayStation Network Gift Card 100 USD - PSN BH cards in order to charge your wallet balance, to buy the latest games from the Sony Store, play online with millions of gamers and many more additions and features
Which not everyone can get.
PlayStation Cards let you pay, buy, and get everything
Features from Sony Store without the need to use a credit card to enjoy security while playing.
You do not have to worry anymore, buy PlayStation cards, recharge your balance and enjoy unlimited services and features, to play, to have fun
It is distinguished.
How to redeem PlayStation card:

1- Sign in to PlayStation Network on PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP or PC using Media Go.

2- Head over to the PlayStation Store and select the Redeem Codes icon at the top of the page.

3- Enter your PSN card code and the money will be added to your wallet instantly.

An illustration of how to use PlayStation cards:
This product is for Bahraini Store
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