Namshi- 100 SAR

100 SAR

How to use it

Namshi - A mixture of youth, fun and originality, takes you to the unique world of online shopping in the Middle East. Namshi has become the widest window from which fashion lovers, especially young people, overlook the latest trends and the latest trends in the world of fashion, with all the huge variety of products and the finest brands it offers them. Namshi was born in 2011, and has grown into a brand with a prominent position in the world of innovation and creativity. Today, it has become the ideal source of inspiration and guide for all lovers of the world of fashion and its arts. The diversity that characterizes Namshi's products and the international brands that it offers make it the number one destination for fashion lovers and followers everywhere.
How to redeem Namshi cards:

1- Go to My Account.
2- Select “My Balance”.
3- Click on “Add Gift Card”.
4- Enter the card code that you got.
5- Your Namshi wallet will be recharged.
1- Namshi will apply an additional fee of 30 Saudi riyals for the delivery of orders less than 200 Saudi riyals. This amount will not be deducted from the electronic gift card, and an alternative payment method must be used to pay this amount. Orders that exceed the value will be delivered from Namshi About 200 Saudi riyals for free.
2- This card must be replaced within 3 months from the date of purchase.
3- An expired card cannot be replaced, refunded or extended.
4- LikeCard does not accept cash refunds, refunds, or returns of goods.
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