Lebara Data 10G 3M

130 SAR

How to use it

Lebara Internet Cards are prepaid cards that allow you to recharge Lebara Net easily.
All you have to do is choose the offer that suits you from Lebara internet packages, order your card to get a code that allows you to recharge the internet.
Lebara Data 10G 3M Internet packages are the best choice for recharging Internet because of their wide coverage, services and distinguished offers.
Get the best packages and offers now, at multiple prices to meet your needs.
With Lebara Internet Cards, we keep you connected.
How to redeem Lebara Data Recharge card?

1- By calling 1755, then following the voice instructions.

2- Press * 111 * → followed by your recharge card number → followed by the password, then press # then call.

3- Using the Lebara application or the official website (
This product is for Lebara SIM cards
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