Laflor Gift's 330 SAR

300 SAR

How to use it

Laflor Gift's offers you a variety of elegant and unique gifts for your loved ones and for all your happy occasions, to create joy and a lasting memory.
1- Go to the store:
2- Add the products you want to the cart, then go to the cart
3- Log in to the store to continue the purchase process.
4- Put the code in the "Coupon" box, click on "Apply", then complete the payment process

To contact customer service via WhatsApp
1- This card is valid for one month only from the date of purchase.
2- Vouchers do not include home artifacts / special experience gifts / chocolate and cake.
3- Shipping is available to all regions of KSA.
4- It is preferable to add products whose value is higher than the value of the voucher.
5- If the value of the cart is less than the voucher, the difference will not be calculated.
6- Note that the vouchers do not include the shipping fees.
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