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How to use ? :

How to redeem Famcare card :

1- Download Famcare app.
2- Go to subscriptions.
3- Choose your package.
4- Enter the voucher code provided by LikeCard in the discount coupon field, then click on the “check” button.
5- Click “purchase” button and move to the specialists list to choose your next specialist and start a therapy session.

To communicate with customer service via WhatsApp
966570232320 or via e-mail: [email protected]

To download the application from the App Store, click
To download the application from Google Play, click

Terms and Conditions:

1- he vouchers include individual counseling sessions (packages - subscriptions) or group support sessions.
2- Valid for one use only.
3- It has no expiry date.
4- These vouchers do not accept discount with other vouchers/cards.

About LikeCard:

You can get Famcare and various types of gift cards easily and safely through the LikeCard website and app.
Enjoy the best offers with excellent customer service and various payment methods.
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