Anoosh 5000 SAR

5000 SAR

How to use it

Anoosh, the first chocolate shop in Jeddah, offers a variety of chocolates to choose from including milk, dark, cream and crunchy chocolates. This shop is famous for its chocolate chip cookies that are freshly prepared right in front of you and within 10 minutes. This is your chance to enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly baked cookies without much effort!
How to redeem Anoosh Cards:

This eGift Card is redeemable for any products offered at our locations across KSA.
1- Valid for 12 months from purchase date
2- This eGift Card is only valid for a one time purchase only.
3- Expired eGift cards cannot be extended or refunded.
4- does not accept cashback, refunds or returns.
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