Spacetoon go

How to use it


Spacetoon go offers an amazing viewing experience for anime and cartoon lovers, as it provides them with access to a huge Arabic library of international cartoons from anime series and movies, all in Arabic.
With Spacetoon Go cards, you can now subscribe to the Spacetoon Go service or renew your subscription to enjoy all the content of the platform and the latest cartoon and anime series with revised Arabic subtitles.
Spacetoon Go cards are available in various packages and monthly subscriptions with varying prices to serve everyone.
All you have to do is request your card, to get a subscription activation code on Spacetoon Go.
Spacetoon go cards are the perfect gift for your children or a friend who loves Arabic cartoons.
With Spacetoon Go cards, say goodbye to boredom, and hello to uninterrupted entertainment.

How to use ? :

How to redeem Spacetoon Go card:

1- Enter the link: ( )
2- Log in using your account on the Spacetoon Go app (you can create a new account for free if you do not have one).
3- Enter the code on the card you got now.
Congratulations.. You are now ready to start your wonderful journey with the Spacetoon Go app.

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