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In the Smart Simplicity Academy, you will learn the secrets of self-development and life improvement in a simple and smart way, so that success and happiness will be your ally wherever you go. In this course, you will learn the keys to entering the world of children and building a bridge of trust with them, in addition to the secrets of dealing with their different personalities, knowing the causes of some behaviors such as violence, distraction, etc., and solutions to these problems.

How to use ? :

How to use Smart Simplicity Academy Cards:

1- You must go to the page of the course you want to join through the link
Create the life you want course, click
Communication course: Effective communication with the world of children, click here
2- You can view the course content, then click on “Join this course.”
3- Go to the basket, create an account, and log in to have the course added to your account
4- Click on complete the order, then add the code when “Add a voucher”, then click on apply the link for the usage steps click

Terms and Conditions:

This card is valid for one month only from the date of purchase.

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