VUZ 360 is one of the leading apps in the field of exclusive 360-degree video sharing.
So, if you are looking for an exciting and wonderful experience, you must subscribe to the application.
With Vuz gift cards, you can now subscribe to the application, and enjoy all the services it offers from exclusive 360-degree videos to the latest events, destinations, and behind-the-scenes events pre-recorded as well as 360-degree live.
Vuz 360 cards are available in multiple packages and prices to serve the needs and capabilities of subscribers.
Prepaid cards allow you to subscribe directly on the app.
Just order your card, pay in completely safe ways and enjoy a unique viewing experience on the vuz 36 app.

How to use ? :

How to redeem 360Vuz card:

1. Go to 360Vuz Web Landing Page ( )
2. Complete the registration details (email/phone number; password).
3. Apply the voucher code.
4. User sees the subscription type - 3 month/6months, 1 year.
5. User clicks on “Apple”, “Google” stores icons, redirected to download the App.
6. User login to the App (using registration details in point 2) and enjoys the service.

Terms and Conditions:

This product is valid for use in all countries

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