Ahmar Shifah Beauty Salon

How to use it


My lady lipstick operator offers you the best care offers such as cutting, blow-drying, dyeing and cleaning the skin, in addition to massage offers and many more, all at competitive prices.

How to use ? :

After purchasing the card, my lady, go to the operator, and let the accountant in the operator see the code from your account in Like Card, and after making sure that the code is correct, Madam, enjoy the services of the operator you want.

Operating hours: daily from 2 pm to 10 pm
Address: Engineer Musaed Al-Anqari Street, Al-Wurud District, Riyadh.
For the salon website:

To contact customer service via WhatsApp

Terms and Conditions:

1- Special for women.
2- The code is only used once.
3- It is not possible to exchange for money.
4- We are not responsible for the loss or loss of the code code.
5- The code is delivered to the cashier (accounting) before payment.

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